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Two thirds of our .NET customers have continued to hire our .NET developers for 5 years or more.

Find out why

We are a trusted outsourcing company that has been providing easy and affordable access to top Indian .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET) developers for over 16 years.

Here are some of the reasons for our remarkable customer retention record:

Top talent

We hire fewer than 1% of job applicants to bring you the best.

Easy hiring

You need a .NET developer. We'll assign one. Pay only if you are delighted.

Stable staffing

Retain the same developer for multiple projects and reap the benefits of their growing familiarity with your business.

Deep experience

Our experts have an average of 7.5 years of experience.

Easily scalable

Add and remove developers at any time to scale our service to your needs.

Fluent English

Every one of our experts can communicate effectively in English.

Four Reasons to Hire Support Resort .NET developers

Four reasons to hire a Support Resort .NET developer

The quality of our .NET developers defines us.

Reason 1 of 4:
Deep experience

Our .NET developers have an average of 7.5 years of .NET development experience. As a company, we have over 16 years of experience developing robust and secure custom web and mobile apps.

Our .NET developers bring a wealth of experience with ASP.NET, C# and VB.NET coding to your .NET web projects.

Reason 2 of 4:
Fussy recruitment. We refuse to lower the bar.

We never hire a developer without a hands-on coding test which is manually assessed by a highly experienced Australian developer with an uncanny knack of identifying developers with hard-core coding skills.

Our pedantic native English speakers assess each candidate's written communication to ensure clear and effective English.

We also test for aptitude explicitly because we know you need deep thinkers.

We do not compromise on quality and in fact hire fewer than 1% of those seeking to join our team.

Reason 3 of 4:
Broad exposure to .NET

Our development team has worked with a wide range of .NET-related technologies.

Some of the many technologies we have worked with:
Reason 4 of 4:
Robust infrastructure to avoid down-time

We are always online because we have invested in reliable infrastructure.

Our .NET developers work from our offices in first-class IT parks with state-of-the-art infrastructure including redundant Internet connections, uninterruptable power supply, backup power, certified structured networks and 24/7 security.

It's easy to hire a top .NET developer

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Pay only if you are delighted.

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Full-time .NET developer prices

.NET Developer
.NET Developer
.NET Developer
Price (USD) $899/month $1699/month $2499/month
Work schedule Full-time Full-time Full-time
Dedicated developer (works exclusively for you)
.NET coding skill level
High aptitude
Clear English communication
Staffing Stability Guarantee
Hire in 2 Minutes.
Don't pay unless you are delighted.

What about hiring freelancers?

Our dedicated hiring model has some important advantages over hiring a freelancer.

Your work is top priority

Each expert works exclusively for you so they will always treat your work as the most urgent priority. In contrast, freelancers usually juggle multiple projects and your work may lose priority if they have higher paying, newer or more demanding clients.

Safer data

We protect your data with 24/7 physical security plus local and remote cyber security and anti-virus measures. In contrast, freelancers tend to work from home and may not have the knowledge or resources to protect your data.

Access other experts

We are a one-stop digital agency so are able to cover all your online service needs. It is easy to add new skills to your team whenever needed. With freelancing, you would need to recruit new team members yourself, with all the risks and hassles that entails.

Escalate problems

If you ever have a concern then we provide an easy-to-access and effective escalation pathway through which senior staff can intervene and find appropriate solutions for you. Freelancers work alone so if they are unable or unwilling to solve an issue for you then nobody will.

No licensing time bombs

You may need us to incorporate third-party digital assets in your projects, such as stock photography. We only use fully licensed digital assets so you have peace of mind that you will not be issued with a costly license infringement notice down the track. Freelancers may not be familiar with relevant laws so may put you in harm's way.

Basic supervision included

All our experts are employees of our company and work from our offices. Although our experts are motivated and hard working, for your peace of mind we oversee their attendance and ensure there are no barriers to them being as productive as possible for you.

Hire a developer in 2 minutes. No credit card required.
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  • If you are happy with the developer's work then simply pay for the first month within 7 days to continue service.
  • If you are not happy, don't proceed. There is no obligation to do so.
  • Cancel at any time to avoid further charges.

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