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It is like having your own staff but they work from our offices.

We have been providing quality outsourced information technology experts in India and customer support professionals in the Philippines at competitive monthly rates since 2003.

The process is very simple:

  • Choose your preferred staff from our pool of pre-vetted experts;
  • Place an order to hire the staff on a month-to-month basis;
  • The hired staff then work for you on an exclusive basis.

If you choose us as your partner, we will:

  • Provide you with high-quality, meticulously-selected staff;
  • Back up your assigned staff with our thorough, knowledgeable corporate help desk team;
  • Strive to maximise the value we deliver to you every day;
  • Be reliable and productive members of your team;
  • Help you pursue your business goals - we want you to succeed;
  • Expand the set of skills available to you; and
  • Provide service for as long (or as short) a period as you need - many of our customers have been working with us for years.


Cash-Back Special: Save 50% For The First 3 Months

Hire web developers, mobile app developers, web designers, system administrators and virtual assistants on a month-to-month basis

* The 50% discount is provided as a cash-back refund against each of your first three monthly payments. This special is available only when you hire a full-time staff member on a month-to-month basis. Available for selected staff only (as advertised). Limit of one per customer. Two or more related entities count as one customer, as determined at our sole discretion. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other advertised special.

Types of Staff Available

Please click on the staff type for further details of staff ready to start now.


How It Works


Examples of Available Staff
PHP Programmer
Focused, efficient and quick coder. PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Wordpress, CodeIgniter, HTML5...
Available: Immediately
Price per month (USD): $999 Full-time
Price per week (USD): $299
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PHP Programmer
Tech-savvy PHP programmer with Australian academic background. PHP, MySQL, MVC, FuelPHP, Wordpress, Joomla...
Available: Immediately
Price per month (USD): $899 Full-time

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Web Designer
Senior Web/Mobile Designer
Experienced designer with great attention to detail and a flair for HTML5. 10+ years experience, HTML5, UI design, Wordpress, Joomla, Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery...
Available: Feb 6 2018
Price per month (USD): $799 Part-time

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PHP Programmer
Passionate programmer with flexible skills. PHP, OOP, MVC, PayPal, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery...
Available: Immediately
Price per month (USD): $649 Part-time

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Anoop S
PHP Programmer
Good communicator with strong analytical skills. Anoop's expertise includes PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, MVC, CodeIgniter, API services, HTML5 and much more.
Available: Immediately
Price per month (USD): $1299 Full-time
Price per week (USD): $379
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.NET Programmer
Ambitious .NET programmer for web and desktop application development. MCA, ASP.NET, C#, MVC, AJAX, WCF, Bootstrap, APIs, jQuery, JSON...
Available: Immediately
Price per month (USD): $1299 Full-time
Price per week (USD): $379
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Arun C
Zend Certified PHP Programmer
Zend Certified PHP Programmer with a strong understanding of MVC architecture. Yii, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, OpenCart, GoCart...
Available: Please contact to discuss
Price per month (USD): $1699 Full-time
Price per week (USD): $479
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Senior PHP Programmer
Seasoned and efficient coder, good leadership skills. Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Laravel, Smarty...
Available: Immediately
Price per month (USD): $1299 Full-time
Price per week (USD): $379
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Ready To Hire?

Here's how:

  1. Choose a staff member [View Our List of Staff]
  2. Place your order
  3. We assign the staff member to commence work for you
  4. You both live happily ever after!


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Why Us?

We are an established outsourcing provider with robust infrastructure, qualified staff and truly unbeatable prices.


Our first-class premises have robust and reliable infrastructure including full backup power, uninterruptable power supply, redundant ISP connections and more.

How It Works

Simply sign up to hire our expert staff. We will assign one (or more) of our employees to work for you from our offices. You assign work directly to that person (or team).

14-day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied when you hire a staff member on a month-to-month basis then you can cancel within the first 14 days and we will refund the unused proportion of your fees in full.

PayPal - Outsourcing India
Cost Control
Cost Control
  • No hidden costs
  • Flexible service period
  • Effective cost control through efficient workflow management
  • Pay only for the time you use
  • No setup fees
Project Control
Project Control
  • Prioritize tasks based on your project needs
  • Project management is totally under your control
  • Staff report directly to you without any intermediaries
  • You assign tasks and staff report back to you with updates
Time Control
Time Control
  • 40 hours of work every week (includes meal breaks)
  • Shift hours are pre-published and always known to you
  • No support hours lost due to leave
  • Scale-up resources when required
  • Real-time communication available via text chat
  • Effective proprietary project management tool available or use your own
  • Receive project progress reports at intervals of your choice
  • We only use licensed software/images
  • Your confidentiality is assured
  • Project specific code is never reused
  • You own the code
Quality Control
Quality Control
  • You can directly review the work daily
  • Use your own version control system
  • Apply/enforce your own coding standards to suit your project needs