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We are a trusted offshore outsourcing company that has been providing easy and affordable access to top remote experts in India for over 16 years.

Data Scientists On-Demand

It's never been easier to hire data scientists by the month. Carefully pre-vetted. Rigorously trained. We have the right data scientists for your needs.

Every one of our valuable data scientists has been hand-picked by our senior Australian managers on the basis of their hard-core technical expertise, English communication, aptitude and attitude. Our data experts take on their duties with dedication and vigor, driven by a genuine passion for data science.

Our data scientists can take on a wide range of data projects encompassing big data, machine learning, deep learning, business intelligence, data visualisation, corporate reporting, statistical modelling, mathematical modelling and more.

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Hard Core Data Science Skills

Our data scientists deliver high-value data insights using a powerful mix of technologies.

Statistical programming languages

R programming

Python libraries

Sci-Kit Learn

Big Data Tools

Apache Hadoop
Apache Hadoop HDFS
Apache Spark
Apache YARN
Apache Tez
Apache Hive
Apache Pig
Apache Kafka
Apache Avro
Apache Zookeeper
Apache Ambari
Apache Storm
Apache Ignite
Apache Drill
Apache Flume
Apache Phoenix
Apache Flink
Apache Sqoop
Apache Mesos
Apache Oozie
Elastic Search

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI

Apache Spark MLlib
Sci-Kit Learn
Apache Mahout
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
Apache MXNet
Natural Language Processing

BI & Data visualisation

Jupyter Notebook, JupyterLab


Apache Cassandra

Statistical techniques and algorithms

Linear regression
Logistic regression
K Nearest Neighbors
Decision trees
Random forests
Principal Component Analysis
Linear Discriminant Analysis
Support Vector Machines
Apriori and Eclat algorithms
Predictive modelling
Bayesian Inference
Thompson sampling
K-Means Clustering
Hierarchical Clustering


Linear algebra

Report writing

Clear written English
Insightful reports

Four Reasons to Hire a Support Resort Data Scientist

Reason 1 of 4:
Genuine quantitative expertise

Every one of our data scientists has tertiary qualifications in statistics, mathematics or data science.

Our data scientists have hard core quantitative skills and a natural curiosity about data, so they are able to provide high-value data-driven insights.

Whatever your data needs — from simple to complex — our data scientists have a depth of quantitative expertise that enables them to get almost any job done.

Data scientists with hard core quantitative skills
Reason 2 of 4:
A truckload of technologies

No quantitative expert can properly characterize large data collections without skilfully harnessing the powers of diverse modern data technologies.

Our data scientists are familiar with over 30 technologies that enable them to get a full grip on your data. Data is valuable — our data scientists will mine its value for you.

From Hadoop, Hive and Spark to TensorFlow and Keras, we have put in the groundwork to deliver the skills you need.

Reason 3 of 4:
Fussy recruitment. We refuse to lower the bar.

We never hire a data scientist without fully vetting them using a battery of testing modules to verify their quantitative, technological and reporting proficiencies.

We know that only the best will do, so our senior managers personally select every data scientist that joins our team.

Reason 4 of 4:
Robust infrastructure to avoid down-time

We are always online. Our data scientists work from our offices in first-class IT parks with state-of-the-art infrastructure including redundant Internet connections, uninterruptable power supply, backup power, certified structured networks and 24/7 security.

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Full-time Dedicated Data Scientist Prices

Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Price (USD) $1699/month $2499/month
Work schedule Full-time Full-time
Quantitative tertiary qualifications
Statistics, mathematics and/or data science
Undergraduate Postgraduate
Programming languages Python, R Python, R, Scala
Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation
Jupyter Notebook, Tableau, Seaborn, Matplotlib, etc
SQL and NoSQL Databases
Big Data Tools
Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, etc
Machine Learning and Deep Learning
TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, MLlib, etc
Report writing
High aptitude
Staffing Stability Guarantee
Dedicated (works exclusively for you)
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We are currently accepting pre-orders for data scientists who will be deployed on July 1st, 2020. Data scientists will be available from that date on a first-in, first-served basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about hiring freelancers?

Our dedicated hiring model has some important advantages over hiring a freelancer.

Your work is top priority

Each expert works exclusively for you so they will always treat your work as the most urgent priority. In contrast, freelancers usually juggle multiple projects and your work may lose priority if they have higher paying, newer or more demanding clients.

Safer data

We protect your data with 24/7 physical security plus local and remote cyber security and anti-virus measures. In contrast, freelancers tend to work from home and may not have the knowledge or resources to protect your data.

Access other experts

We are a one-stop digital agency so are able to cover all your online service needs. It is easy to add new skills to your team whenever needed. With freelancing, you would need to recruit new team members yourself, with all the risks and hassles that entails.

Escalate problems

If you ever have a concern then we provide an easy-to-access and effective escalation pathway through which senior staff can intervene and find appropriate solutions for you. Freelancers work alone so if they are unable or unwilling to solve an issue for you then nobody will.

No licensing time bombs

You may need us to incorporate third-party digital assets in your projects, such as stock photography. We only use fully licensed digital assets so you have peace of mind that you will not be issued with a costly license infringement notice down the track. Freelancers may not be familiar with relevant laws so may put you in harm's way.

Basic supervision included

All our experts are employees of our company and work from our offices. Although our experts are motivated and hard working, for your peace of mind we oversee their attendance and ensure there are no barriers to them being as productive as possible for you.