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  • Python Developer
  • Scala
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Hive
Harness Your Data At Low Cost

Our Big Data Engineers are talented Python and Scala coders with skills in over 25 big data technologies. Prices start at only $999/month for a full-time Big Data Engineer working exclusively for you.

Our Big Data Engineers will build and manage your ETL data pipelines to draw your data from diverse sources into an optimized and accessible form for meaningful analyses and efficient storage. They will automate your data pipeline processes and can write code to ingest live data in real-time to give you up-to-the-minute insights to inform your decision-making.

These talented data engineers can also write code to operationalize your machine and deep learning systems and can help you to continuously improve your data infrastructure.

Hire Big Data Engineers
Our developers in India busy coding
Versatile Up-to-Date Skill Set

Our Big Data Engineers are able to write sophisticated code to process and manipulate your data.

They are skilled with:

  • Python and Scala;
  • Python data libraries;
  • SQL and NoSQL databases;
  • Big data systems, like Hadoop, Hive and Spark;
  • Data streaming technologies like Kafka, Spark Streaming and Flume;
  • Machine and deep learning technologies and principles.
Why Hire Our Big Data Engineers?

Our Big Data Engineers deliver truly outstanding value-for-money by conscientiously applying their bona fide coding talent and diverse big data skillset — all for a low monthly price via our simple month-to-month hiring model.

Each Big Data Engineer on our team has been carefully pre-vetted and hand-picked after a rigorous multi-staged selection process. We only select those few who are able to demonstrate genuine coding and data expertise.

To round out their big data skills, each Big Data Engineer that joins our team undergoes full-time hands-on-heavy training for months until their big data toolkit is chock-a-block with highly relevant current skills. They are then assigned to mock and internal engineering and development tasks until we are sure that they are ready to deliver exceptional value to you.

Junior Big Data Engineers

Hard Core Data Engineering Skills

Our remote dedicated Big Data Engineers have skills in over 25 data technologies...

Python libraries

Sci-Kit Learn

Big Data Tools

Apache Hadoop
Apache Hadoop HDFS
Apache Tez
Apache Ambari
Apache Spark
Apache Hive
Apache Pig
Apache Sqoop
Apache Oozie
Apache Kafka
Apache Flink
Apache Flume
Apache Storm
Apache Zookeeper
Apache Phoenix
Apache Drill
Elastic Search


Apache Hive
Apache Impala
Apache Ignite
Apache Cassandra
Amazon DynamoDB

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI

Apache Spark MLlib
Sci-Kit Learn

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Full-time Big Data Engineer Prices

Big Data Engineer
Big Data Engineer
Big Data Engineer
Price (USD) $999
per month
per month
per month
Work schedule Full-time Full-time Full-time
Dedicated engineer (works exclusively for you)
Coding skill level
Python and Scala
Solid and improving fast Well established and expanding Highly proficient, wise and versatile
Big data expertise
Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and much more
AI modelling expertise
Need advanced quantitative skills?
See our Data Scientists
Can operationalize models Can operationalize models Can operationalize models
High aptitude
Clear English communication
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